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The work and data file Mr. Sexton has accomplished and is willing to maintain is "top shelf," incomparable to any of the data file development and management I have ever seen within a school. Your school is leaps and bounds ahead of any DoDEA school with respect the necessary data needed for these sundry purposes. I'm truly impressed.
— Dr. Joseph M. Baltrus, Education Research Analyst

As a Student Teacher…

E.J. was a pleasure to work with because he was positive, open to learn, and creative. He showed tremendous growth due to his high motivation to become a better teacher.
— Serra Coruh, Teacher DoDDS
E.J. was very professional in his demeanor. He was reliable, and well-prepared at all times. He was good in his classroom management skills. His content knowledge was excellent.
— Senem Kadioglu, Teacher DoDDS
E.J. showed excellent rapport with students from very diverse backgrounds. The lessons Mr. Sexton planned totally were imaginative and engaging.
— Douglas Kittelson, Teacher DoDDS